Report Writing Guidelines: Useful Hints for You to Follow

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Every student encounters necessity of writing an academic paper. The variety of academic papers is enormous; consequently, the variety of requirements is even bigger. Nobody wants to fail the exam or the writing of the academic paper. It is obvious that the paper should follow the requirements of the instructor.

It turned out that the guidelines for report writing are necessary. Thereby, it is necessary to mention the basic report writing guidelines. One of the most common guidelines for report writing is the rules of writing and the structure of the paper.

30 Expository Essay Topics and Writing Prompts

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Good expository essay topics can be hard to find. Still, there is no need to panic! We have prepared for you 30 wonderful ideas, suggestions and prompts – you will surely find what you need among them.

Expository essays are those that explain things with facts rather than opinions. They require students to evaluate and investigate, setting forth arguments in a clear and concise manner. These essays are often used by teachers as part of assessments, especially in college level courses. Therefore, to help students achieve success it is important that they practice writing expository essays.

One task presents an expository prompt that introduces a topic for an essay. You will use the prompt to develop key ideas for the essay, but you will also need to ground the ideas using an illustrative example from literature, history, science, film, or your own experience as support.