Report Writing Guidelines: Useful Hints for You to Follow

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Every student encounters necessity of writing an academic paper. The variety of academic papers is enormous; consequently, the variety of requirements is even bigger. Nobody wants to fail the exam or the writing of the academic paper. It is obvious that the paper should follow the requirements of the instructor.

It turned out that the guidelines for report writing are necessary. Thereby, it is necessary to mention the basic report writing guidelines. One of the most common guidelines for report writing is the rules of writing and the structure of the paper.

Thus, let us enumerate the report writing guidelines:
  1. The first guideline for report writing is the structure of the paper. It should be written in accordance with the instructor’s requirements.
  2. The second guideline for report writing concerns the essential elements of the academic paper. Consequently, it should contain:
  • Introduction;
  • Materials;
  • Methods;
  • Data;
  • Results;
  • Discussion;
  • Analysis;
  • Conclusion;
  • Appendices;
  • Reference list.
  1. The third guideline for report writing presents the style of the academic paper. It should be formal.
  2. The fourth guideline for report writing states that it is necessary to proofread and edit the academic paper.
  3. The fifth guideline for report writing claims that the topic should be original and bright. The ideas should be based on your personal experience and the research conducted before starting to write the paper.
The report writing guidelines include the information on writing academic papers. The rules are created to follow them. All the requirements and instructions must be used. Writing skills are extremely important when writing academic papers. Writing academic papers improves students’ intellectual and academic skills.