Tuesday, March 19, 2013 has launched its new online project – a useful thesis statement generator.

thesis statement generator

College education is not getting easier and the sheer number of simple academic assignments is overwhelming. Tha's why it's important to be able to complete them efficiently and properly, according to general standards of academic writing. decided to give a hand to thousands of students with a specific part of their academic work – thesis statements.

This doesn't sound like a big deal, but with years of experience the team behind the project knows that a confusing and long thesis statement can ruin any academic paper. Sometimes professors don’t even bother to read beyond it, because they can clearly see that the student is not really good with the subject matter of the presented paper.

"We realized back then, that we had to create a simple template, which can cover the majority of possible topics. We also realized that the task is pretty complex, although it might not seem like a lot. Our great team of academic writers and editors did most of the job. They brainstormed and discussed various standard forms for thesis statements, which can be easily modified and general enough to fit any description. We’re talking about hundreds of combined hours of research. They did a great job and all we had todo is simply wrap it up into some code and visuals" – says Patrick, one of the IT specialists, working for the project.

Of course, as has been said by some of the staff members, the tool is not perfect. However, they are working hard to perfect it over time. Customer feedback plays a huge role in this process. team is enthusiastic about it, because they’ve already seen some buzz online about their tool, which makes them very proud. The team is not sure about the future projects, because some of them currently are only available as inscriptions on one of the white boards in the office. The project will offer more free academic online tools, just like thesis statement generator: in the future.