Essay on Dogs: Some Possible Topics for the Discussions

Tuesday, March 19, 2013
Essay on Dogs There are few people who do not like dogs. These animals are considered as the most devoted people’s friends. When you have the task to write an effective essay about dogs you can use the opportunity to choose one of the most interesting topics for the discussion in this type of academic writing. There are many aspects which can be developed in your essay on dogs successfully.

What details should you pay attention to while writing your essay on dogs?
  1. To find the most interesting and effective topic for your essay on dogs, it is necessary to examine a lot of information from the articles in specialized journals, from the Internet resources.
  2. You may discuss the variety of breeds and their peculiarities in your essay on dogs. You may concentrate on dogs as pets and on the aspects of the care. However, it is more effective to focus on some provocative and unusual details of the topic. For instance, discuss the history of domestication of dogs. Why are dogs so devoted to their owners?
  3. In what types of work people can use dogs? What breeds can be used for work?
  4. Is it possible to use dogs in shows? What is your opinion? What breeds can be schooled well enough for participating in different kinds of shows?
  5. Discuss the question of using dogs in various kinds of sport. What are the main difficulties which can face trainers in their work with dogs?
  6. Analyze the role of dogs in mythology and art. Who among the artists used the image of dogs in order to create their masterpieces?
Essay on dogs requires following some necessary rules for writing. The prompts presented in the article can be useful for your essay on dogs.