125 Good Research Paper Topics

Monday, September 4, 2017

A lot of students face with a problem of choosing interesting topics for research papers. It appears easier to write on a topic suggested by an instructor than to find a topic by yourself.

Let us consider what is important for good topics for research papers

  • They should be appropriate for a course assignment.
  • They should be comfortable to develop.
  • They must be interesting for your audience.
  • They must be understandable and significant for you as a writer and researcher.

125 fresh research paper topics for you:

  1. A Genetic Link To Optimism As A Clue To Shaping Behaviors And Attitudes.
  2. Abusive Love: What Sorts Of Relationships Have The Right To Exist.
  3. Acquiring Habits And Getting Rid Of Them: Mechanisms Of Annoying Habits.
  4. Adhd Syndrome: Busting Long-Lasting Myths.
  5. All Illegal Immigrants Should Be Granted Amnesty.
  6. An Average American Family: Painting The Typical Portrait.
  7. Animal Rights Protection: Against Cruelty To Living Beings.
  8. Antisemitism And Its Modern Manifestations – The Roots Of The Problem.
  9. Anxiety Relief Techniques As A Means To Fight Depression.
  10. Are Celebrity Athletes Responsible For Being Role Models To Youths?
  11. Autism: A Disease Or A Development Peculiarity?
  12. Behavior And It: Interrelation, Patterns And Existing Theories.
  13. Bilinguals: Disclosing The Secret Of The Processing Mechanisms.
  14. Can A Person’S Temperament Change Over The Course Of Time?
  15. Can Discounts Be Effective In A World Where 50% Off Has Become The Norm?
  16. Can Hard Rock Have A Negative Influence On Listeners’ Sleep Patterns?
  17. Can Soy Be Used To Fully Replace Meat?
  18. Causes And Effects Of The Recent Decline Of Educational Levels In The U.S.
  19. Child Violence And The Means To Fight It.
  20. Childhood Disorders And The Way To Fight Them.
  21. Common Services Center Vs. Community Multimedia Center: Choosing The Right Type Of It Services.
  22. Controlling Pollution: Approaches By Different Governments.
  23. Current Methods Of Teaching And Latest Innovations: Drawbacks And Positive Aspects.
  24. Current Teaching Methods And Their Effects.
  25. Depression Causes Celiac Diseases! An Alarming Discovery.
  26. Do Employees Work Harder If They Get Higher Salaries?
  27. Do Teams With Potentially Offensive Names Have To Change Them (For Instance, The Washington Redskins Or The Cleveland Indians)?
  28. Does Leadership Mean More Responsibility Or More Freedom?
  29. Dreaming Perchance – Insomnia: Its Causes And Consequences.
  30. Eating Habits In Different Cultures: Hiccuping As "Thank You."
  31. Ethical Issues In The It Domain: Racial And Gender Problems.
  32. Family Therapy And Divorce Prevention: Finding A Common Language.
  33. Greatest Revolutions In The World.
  34. Health Care Concerns And Insurance Problems.
  35. Health It Management: New Approaches And Challenges.
  36. Hearing Is Rather A Catching Biology Research Paper Topic. You Can Study The Structure Of The Organs Of Hearing, The Phenomenon Of Deafness Or Echolocation.
  37. Hormones Of The Kidneys. Study The Role Of These Hormones For Human Organism, Their Main Functions And The Principles Of Release.
  38. How Can Caring Too Much Lead To Unhappiness?
  39. How Does Exercise Affect One’S Health?
  40. How Has 9/11 Affected The American Politics Of Security?
  41. How Is Polyamory Currently Practiced In The United States?
  42. Hunger Games Is More Than Just Popular Pulp Fiction.
  43. Image Scan Radiation Should Be Reduced To A Minimum Level.
  44. Iq Test Results And Their Interpretation: Am I Dumb?
  45. Is Anything In The World Inherently Evil?
  46. Is Digital Photography An Art Form?
  47. Is The Culture Of Fast Food Eating Fueled By Advertising Campaigns?
  48. Is The Current Level Of National Student Debt Sustainable?
  49. It Security And Ways To Enhance It.
  50. Joan Of Ark - Did She Manage To Escape The Fires Of Inquisition.
  51. Loch Ness Monster And Your Attitude Towards This Mystery.
  52. Marijuana Should Be Legalized: It’S Less Harmful Than Smoking.
  53. Mass Media And Its Implicit Messages: What You See Is What You Get.
  54. Mechanisms Of Thinking: It’S All In Your Head.
  55. Music Genres And Their Impact On Brainwork.
  56. Nanotechnology And Its Impact On Modern Science.
  57. Neuroscience: The Mental Process Of Human Learning.
  58. Nuclear And Renewable Energy: Irreconcilable Alternatives Or Complementary Energy Sources?
  59. Nuclear Energy Is Too Dangerous To Use. Seeking Alternative Sources.
  60. Nuclear Weapons As A Responsibility That No Country Can Take.
  61. Pain. Study The Whole Process Of Feeling Pain, The Means Of Treatment And The Pain Relievers Of The Future.
  62. Palestine And The Golan Heights.
  63. People Of Different Races Will Never Understand One Another.
  64. People’S Impact On Climate Change: The Cost Of A Technological Breakthrough.
  65. Philosophy Of Education: Researching The Main Theories
  66. Poets Of The Xxi Century: A New Era Coming.
  67. Psychoactive Drugs And Their Influence On The Human Central Nervous System.
  68. Rethinking History: The New Interpretation Of Past Events.
  69. Short- And Long-Term Memory: Forgetting As A Part Of Memorizing.
  70. Should Children Be Punished For Misbehavior?
  71. Social Interactions Are Impossible Without Lies.
  72. Social Models That Mass Media Offers To Adults And Teenagers.
  73. Social Networks And Mental Health: The Impact And Outcomes.
  74. Social Roles That Adults Promote To Children With The Help Of Toys: What’S In Your Head, Barbie?
  75. Solving Conflicts Between Staff And Managers Painlessly.
  76. Sport Injury Rehabilitation: Old Theories, New Methods.
  77. Stress Coping Strategies In Rural Teen Mothers
  78. Team Work Vs. Individual Responsibility
  79. Television And Political Commitment.
  80. Ten Challenges Of Creating Your Own Cartoon.
  81. Test Anxiety And Modern Teaching Methods.
  82. The Advantages Of Object-Oriented Coding
  83. The Causes And Effects Of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder In Children.
  84. The Causes And Results Of Alcohol And Drug Abuse.
  85. The Cold War: Premises, Course And Consequences.
  86. The Defense Mechanism And Behavioral Patterns.
  87. The Difficulties Of Being An Introvert In An Extrovert-Centric Society
  88. The Evidence That There Was Music In The Ancient Near East
  89. The Factors Shaping Behavior And Character: Following The Leader.
  90. The Future Of Cloning: Erasing Personality Features.
  91. The Greatest Cultural Achievements Of The Xx Century And Their Impact On Modern Art.
  92. The History Of Same-Sex Unions In The United States.
  93. The Impact Of Advertisements And Commercials On People’S Vision Of The World.
  94. The Impact Of Digitalization Of Medical Records On The It Domain.
  95. The Impact Of Substance Abuse On A Person’S Health.
  96. The Influence Of Family Relations On A Teen’S Awareness Of Venereal Diseases.
  97. The Mechanisms Of Memory: Remembering The Essential.
  98. The Origins Of Fears And Phobias: Fighting The Monster Within.
  99. The Peculiarities Of Pragmatic And Social Development: New Concepts And Ideas.
  100. The Pros And Cons Of Affirmative Action.
  101. The Pros And Cons Of Legalizing Marijuana: Medical Vs. Recreational Use.
  102. The Rational Basis For Religious Eating Principles (For Example, Muslims Not Eating Pork)
  103. The Reasons For Holocaust Denial Theories.
  104. The Recent Health Care Reform And Its Probable Outcomes.
  105. The Recurrence Of Cultural Tendencies: The Greeks Already Did It.
  106. The Secrets Of Efficient Leadership.
  107. Theories Of Cognition And Their Practical Implications
  108. Time Management And Company Prosperity: Time Flies.
  109. Toxic Waste Disposal: Problem, Key Issues And Potential Solutions.
  110. Tracking The Cognitive Process In Anxiety Disorders: Methods, Results.
  111. Ufo: Fake Or Truth? Busting The Myths About Extraterrestrial Civilizations.
  112. Unemployment And How To Deal With It: Analyzing The Current Job Market.
  113. Uranium Isotopes As Premises For The Next Scientific Revolution.
  114. Violence In Society Comes In Many Forms.
  115. What A Person Feels When His/Her Game Character Dies.
  116. What Causes Depression And How Can It Be Treated?
  117. What Is Your Favorite Comic Strip Character And Why.
  118. What Mechanism Reduces Stuttering While Singing?
  119. When Nostalgia Comes: What Makes People Miss Their Past.
  120. Why Collecting The Most Unbelievable Things Is So Enticing.
  121. Why Didn’T People Believe Nikola Tesla'S Discoveries?
  122. Why People Have Dreams: Messages From Within.
  123. William Shakespeare: Was This Man The Author Of Famous Plays And Sonnets?
  124. Women Have A Huge Impact On World’S History.
  125. Works That Matter: Greatest Novels In The History.

Now you can realize how you can choose an appropriate topic for research papers.

  • Make a list of topics that are interesting for you. Think about your ability to research some topic for research papers. If you have an opportunity to choose a topic for your paper, find a topic that is significant for you.
  • Select topics that are appropriate for your course assignment. Be sure that you understand your assignment in a right way. A topic for research paper should correspond to your assignment.
  • Evaluate your ability to develop a topic. Choose a topic that you can speak about. Find some information on topics for research papers. Evaluate opportunities for a research work on the selected topics.
  • Look at topics for research papers from the point of view of your audience. Consult your tutor what topic is essential and significant for a research. Remember that your topic for research paper should be fresh enough to interest readers.
  • Select a topic which is more appropriate for your research. Topics for research papers should be interesting for writers. It is easier to research a topic that is not boring and important for you.

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