Narrative Essay Topics: 115 Original Ideas for Your Success

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Narrative essays are among the easiest types of essay that you will be required to write, because they don't require the research needed for other essay types. In your narrative essay, you will share a story about yourself, your experiences, your ideas, or your response to something.

Although narratives serve a variety of purposes, the most successful ones usually share three basic characteristics: they are clearly organized in time, make a central point, and contain specific details relevant to that point.

Narrative Essay Topics:
  1. 5 things I can't live without;
  2. A crazy hard assignment and why they should be prohibited;
  3. A dangerous experience;
  4. A experience that was quite frightening;
  5. A job I hate to do;
  6. A job interview I will never forget;
  7. A journey that was memorable;
  8. A memorable encounter with someone in authority;
  9. A memorable tour to Australia;
  10. A memorable wedding or funeral;
  11. A moment of failure or success;
  12. A place I'd like to live;
  13. A significant life altering encounter;
  14. A significant misunderstanding;
  15. A single minute of a football game or any other game;
  16. A time that you took a stand on an important issue;
  17. A vacation trip from your childhood;
  18. A wedding or funeral that was memorable;
  19. An adventure to remember;
  20. An encounter that changed your life;
  21. An event that marked a turning point in your life;
  22. An experience that helped you grow up;
  23. An experience that led to renewed faith;
  24. An experience that left you disillusioned;
  25. An experience that showed how appearances can be deceiving;
  26. An experience that showed how we should be careful of what we wish for;
  27. An experience that was very embarrassing;
  28. An imaginary encounter with a real person;
  29. An occasion when you experienced rejection;
  30. College living at its best;
  31. Crimes in my neighborhood;
  32. Describe an event in your life when you felt happy;
  33. Describe an event in your life when you felt sad;
  34. Discuss a time when you felt embarrassed;
  35. Discuss a time you helped someone in need;
  36. Discuss a trip or vacation;
  37. Discuss an exciting sports event;
  38. Getting fired at work;
  39. Growing up in the slums;
  40. Having a grand entry at the football event;
  41. How I made good friends with a stranger;
  42. If I Could Change One Thing About Me;
  43. If I Could Go Back in Time;
  44. If I Could Have Any Pet;
  45. If I Could Make School Rules;
  46. If I Could Only See One Color;
  47. If I Had a Million Dollars;
  48. If I Had My Own Planet;
  49. If I Were Invisible;
  50. If I Were President;
  51. Looking forward to turning sixteen;
  52. Me and my friends’ adventure;
  53. Most Interesting Animal Encounter;
  54. Music and its role in my life;
  55. My addiction to fashion;
  56. My annoying manager;
  57. My childhood hero and their impact on my life;
  58. My dads old truck;
  59. My dream car;
  60. My experience with a witch;
  61. My family and how it shapes my personality;
  62. My Favorite Gadget;
  63. My first day at college and how it went;
  64. My first salary;
  65. My Greatest Accomplishment;
  66. My long lost friend;
  67. My lucky charm and what it does for me;
  68. My pet and its impact on my daily life;
  69. My secret place nobody knows about;
  70. My sports teacher;
  71. My teddy bear and his trip through my life;
  72. One minute of a football game (or other sporting event);
  73. Pizza delivery and how it made my evening;
  74. Riding thirty kilometers daily to keep fit;
  75. Something I Wish I Had;
  76. Something Nobody Knows About Me;
  77. Something That Disappeared;
  78. Sports and their role in my life;
  79. Surviving a hurricane or a tornado (or other natural disaster);
  80. Talk about a time when you learned something new;
  81. The accident I had at fifteen;
  82. The adventure in the forest;
  83. The beasts in the savannah;
  84. The Best News I Ever Received;
  85. The breakup of a friendship;
  86. The day I drunk too much;
  87. The day robbers snatched my wallet at night;
  88. The day you decided to change your life;
  89. The experience I had with my neighbors dogs;
  90. The experience of being lost;
  91. The feeling I got becoming a father;
  92. The girl who drove my brother crazy;
  93. The Hardest Thing I Ever Had to Do;
  94. The limousine in my neighborhood;
  95. The Most Beautiful Thing in the World;
  96. The naughty classmates;
  97. The plain crash I survived;
  98. The police crackdown in my hood;
  99. The rape experience I almost had;
  100. The shoes I had always longed to have;
  101. The smell that reminded me of drug addiction I had;
  102. The struggles my friends had growing up;
  103. The twins who made my life a living hell;
  104. The unfinished business I look forward to;
  105. Total obsession for my neighbor’s daughter;
  106. Two different versions of the same event;
  107. When back home from school;
  108. Winning the lottery;
  109. Write about a memorable dream you had;
  110. Write about a time when you made a mistake;
  111. You Won't Believe I Saw This;
  112. Your first day at a new job;
  113. Your first day at a new school or college;
  114. Your first time away from home;
  115. Your first visit to the country or to a large city.

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