10 Fresh and Interesting Ideas on Hamlet Essay’s Topics

Thursday, May 23, 2013
When students are given a task to write a hamlet essay, they usually face a problem of topic choice. This article will present some fresh ideas on hamlet essay topics that may be interesting even for the most exigent students.

Idea on hamlet essay № 1

Brittany New one said, “Drama is in us all...” Students may relate this quote to Hamlet and discuss if one can apply some of the situations depicted in Shakespeare’s drama in real life. Support your essay with arguments.

Idea on hamlet essay № 2

Understanding Hamlet through understanding his frustration – try to broaden this topic. Students may give arguments to explain this idea using quotations from the book.

Idea on hamlet essay № 3

Was Hamlet an idealist? Yes? No? Give arguments to support your opinion, use quotes form the book.

Idea on hamlet essay № 4

Family tragedy as the reflection of modern world: can you explain the idea that the family tragedy described by Shakespeare is still up-to-date?

Idea on hamlet essay № 5

"To be or not to be" – enumerate decisions which Hamlet had to decide on in the tragedy.

Idea on hamlet essay № 6

Is Hamlet mad? Try to answer the question using some new approaches to the problem decision.

Idea on hamlet essay № 7

Ghosts and spiritualism in Hamlet may be discussed.

Idea on hamlet essay № 8

Masks and acting in life: consider people’s unfairness in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Idea on hamlet essay № 9

Referencing to Hamlet, research the topic of revenge. Discuss whether it must be conducted or should be avoided. How do you think, is it possible to forgive?

Idea on hamlet essay № 10

George Bernard Shaw in 1918 said, "... the most successful Hamlet of my day was Barry Sullivan, an actor of superb physical vigour, who excelled in the impersonation of proud, noble and violent characters, all the sentimental Hamlets have been bores." How can you comment this quote?