Sport Dissertations: The Steps to Choose the Right Topic

Friday, April 12, 2013
If your major is in the field of sports, then it can be stated that writing a sport dissertation is an inevitable process for you. Sport dissertations are in a way similar to dissertations in education, where their findings are directly linked to practice. One of the first frustrating moments that a student is likely to encounter during the process of writing a sport dissertation is the selection of topic.

Although such process is aided by instructors, it is nevertheless, the responsibility of the student. This article will briefly explain sport dissertations as well as the steps that can be followed to select a suitable topic.

Overview of Sport Dissertations

A sport dissertation is not necessarily connected to a particular sport, where among the directions of sport education there are such subjects as nutrition, training efficiency, safety, and others. Thus, sport dissertations can be generally defined as academic works which contribute to the knowledge on the way sports can be developed, through increasing the performance, improving training techniques, and other means.

A common characteristic of sport dissertations can be seen in that they are mostly practical, rather than theoretical. In that regard, it can be stated that such dissertations serve as one of the foundations of evidence-based practices in sports.

Selecting a Topic

The list of topics in sport dissertations is very diverse. Thus, a student might choose a topic based on the following steps:
  • Determine the main educational outcome of the specialty studied.
  • Examine the field related to such outcome and identify any existing problems.
  • Examine the literature on the identified problem, and look for any gaps in knowledge that might exist.
  • Assess the significance of solving such a problem to the field in general.

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