How to Write a Unique and Original Mona Lisa Smile Essay

Wednesday, April 24, 2013
Mona Lisa Smile Never wrote a Mona Lisa smile essay before?

Although you are a student, you might have never faced the need to write a Mona Lisa smile essay before. It is understandable because such topics are assigned only to students in specific areas of study like arts, humanities, etc. However, you should know the basics of writing a good Mona Lisa smile essay, as you never know what challenge the life will present to you next.

A unique topic for a Mona Lisa smile essay

But what makes an average Mona Lisa smile essay into a brilliant one? The answer is simple: it is the unique topic. The majority of students write about the origin of the painting, the personality of Mona Lisa, the mystery this portrait covers, etc. But there are probably thousand of Mona Lisa smile essays on this topic. You should be original in your choice. If you wish, you could use some of the following suggestions for your Mona Lisa smile essay:

  • Psychological portrait: what does Mona Lisa smile express from a scientific viewpoint?;
  • Mona Lisa smile: do you actually see something special in it?;
  • Behind Mona Lisa smile: purely artistic features of the portrait.
Some more tips for a Mona Lisa smile essay

As you already know, originality is the key to success in writing a Mona Lisa smile essay. So, you should not stop facing the challenge of writing something none wrote before you. Even if the topic is controversial, write your paper and you will impress your teacher by the whole uniqueness of the creative ideas that emerge in your mind.

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