Essay on Drugs: The Controversial Issues for the Discussion

Monday, April 1, 2013
Essay on DrugsToday young people can face many challenges which are the results of a constant development of our society. A lot of young people suffer from a number of problems and try to cope with them with the help of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. These crucial questions are widely discussed in such type of academic writing as an essay. There are many significant aspects to which you should pay attention while writing your essay on drugs.

What aspects and details of the topic can you discuss in your essay on drugs effectively?
  1. To write an efficient essay on drugs, it is necessary to examine a lot of information on the problem. Consult the data of the current statistics and the facts provided by the social organizations. Pay attention to the material from the Internet resources, from the reports, surveys and investigations.
  2. In your essay on drugs you may analyze the most controversial and provocative aspects of the question of using drugs by young people. That is why it is necessary to discuss the most influential factors which can affect the youth’s decision to use drugs.
  3. Try to analyze the types of drugs and their injurious effects. Remember to mention that there are no easy or nontoxic drugs. Focus on the fact that drugs always provoke definite types of the dependence on them. Analyze the peculiarities of physical and moral dependence on various types of drugs.
  4. You should pay attention to the fact that the young people’s decision to use drugs can be caused by the peculiarities of the influence of their surroundings.
Essay on drugs requires following some special rules for writing. The prompts from the article can be useful for developing of your essay on drugs.