Essay on Dreams: The Peculiarities of Effective Writing

Tuesday, March 19, 2013
Essay on Dreams The peculiar features of the cinematographic art allow creating of different wonderful images which attract the audience’s attention. Moreover, films created by talented directors and their definite messages are widely discussed in such type of academic writing as an essay. In 1990 Akira Kurosawa presented his Dreams. The film was admitted by the public, and today its ideas are developed in essays on Dreams.  

What peculiarities should you discuss in your essay on Dreams?
  1. To write an effective and interesting essay on Dreams, it is necessary to examine a lot of information about the film which is presented in a number of articles from specialized journals, in reviews from newspapers. Examine the material from the Internet resources in order to make your essay on Dreams successful.
  2. The film is unique in its consideration of the principles of magical realism in cinematography. That is why it is full of rich imagery and significant symbols.
  3. Pay attention to the fact that the film is based on Akira Kurosawa’s dreams. Thus, there are many details in the film which can be considered as rather personal.
  4. In your essay you can focus on the images and symbols of the nature in the film. Discuss the meaning of such symbols as rain and sunshine. Concentrate on the symbolism of the peach blossoms. What are the messages of these symbols and images?
  5. Pay attention to the symbol of wedding. What are the peculiarities of its depicting in different parts of the film?
  6. Accentuate the meaning of the symbol of the tunnel in the film. What is the main idea of various colours in the film?
Essay on Dreams requires following necessary rules for writing. The prompts presented in the article can be useful for your essay on Dreams.

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